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Product Image Marquis RDA

Marquis RDA

Avid Vapors

The Marquis RDA is a joint collaboration effort between Cisco ( AvidVaper), Dino Ferrari (strprswpr), and Jon Armstrong (JonBoyUSMC). Based off an innovative airflow concept the Marquis is a unique design and full of groundbreaking features.

 The raised block on the marquis incorporates two 2.5mm air holes bored through the raised block. Building your coil in line with the air holes in the block is easy with included coil building rods and offers you perfect alignment every time. This could possibly be the easiest RDA to build coils. The included coil building rods are design to lock into blind holes positioned directly in line with the raised block air intake holes for vertical coil builds, the smaller coiling tools ( 2.5mm and 3mm) can also slide through the air intake holes for perfectly aligned chimney builds. These coil tools can stay in position until after all your coil wires are connected and tightened. Incorporates two negative deck screws for easy dual coil wire trapping.

 Another innovative feature is a crown style wire trap center positive post. This design allows you to “trap” your wires via raised tabs on the center post.  Once the screw is tightened, the wires are trapped and cannot slip out. This unique center post design along with the coiling tools will also allow you to add (before cutting wire)or remove wraps from your coil with ease. The raised block and low profile top cap create a very small atomization chamber that will generate great flavor even at higher wattages and low ohm builds. The air flow is fully adjustable (rotating the cap) with a maximum intake of 2x 2.5mm air holes. The top cap incorporates three air intake holes to allow dual coil and single coil builds, single coils can be built in either position.

 The top cap on the Marquis includes a removable lid, this will allow for easy access to dripping without the need to re-adjust our airflow. The included 10mm wide bore drip and the drip tip adapters are insulated with a high temp PEEK insulator to help with heat transferring to the drip tip. The drip tip/adapters thread on to the PEEK insulator and are held in the top cap with an o ring for easy removal. The solid copper 510 center post is removable (This is a secondary pin and will not cause the crown post to loosen if removed) to allow for a few millimeters of adjustability. This is not a full functioning feature and will require additional small diameter o rings to hold the extended center pin in place.  


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