RSST V2 - Smok

$10 $27.99

This is the Smok RSST that is capable of dual coils. It also features an Air Flow Control Ring. This genesis style atomizer will produce some of the best tasting vapor you can achieve. The SMOK RSST Dual Coil comes with standard 510 threading, and Stainless Steel Vase style DripTip. These genesis atomizers do not come with a pre installed wick and coil. The RSST Genesis Atty is only for advanced vapers who can roll their own mesh wicks, and coils. If you are not comfortable with this, and or using a meter to ensure a proper coil we do not suggest purchasing this atomizer.

We will not be responsible for any damage to any equipment etc... from the use of this atomizer. Please use caution when building or using this product.

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