Craft Brewing Our Artisan E-Liquid

Our Artisan E-Liquid is the best tasting juice on the market right now, offering a level of complexity and sophistication not easily found in the vaping community. We agonize over the details to make sure that each and every one of our e-cig liquids is as mouthwatering and yummy as it can be. We have spent months refining our e-liquid recipes, sometimes agonizing over fractions of a millileter, because we care that deeply about getting it absolutely right. Then we make sure to age it so that its flavor is hitting its peak when it hits our shelves.

Our E-Liquid Comes Aged

All of our juice comes "pre-steeped", or aged, to perfection before we even think about selling it to you. We care about our reputation, and the consistency and vibrant nature of our flavor is a huge part of that. That is why we have developed a staging system for our liquid that ensures that we only sell e-juice which has been properly aged before it is able to be sold.

We Price Aggressively

We don't believe in overcharging you just because we're good at what we do. Vaping is supposed to be cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and it should stay that way. You deserve to be rewarded for living a healthier lifestyle, and we don't need mega yachts and exotic cars to consider ourselves successful. 

Brewed For Your Vaping Pleasure

We're confident that the e-liquid you purchase from us is the highest quality you've ever tasted, or ranks right up there in your top 5. We strive to create the most complex, satisfying vaping experience that we can with every bottle of juice that we make. Our recipes are tirelessly analyzed and each one is constantly evaluated for quality and taste. When we sell you a bottle of juice, you're purchasing the end result of months of our brew-masters hard work and diligent attention to the nuances of each and every flavor that e liquid is comprised of. A disappointed customer is a huge failure for us, and that's why we strive to keep you surprised and delighted with your electronic cigarette vaping experience every single time you step into our Connecticut vapor shop, or take a puff of our e-liquid.