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Hohm School 2 Bay USB Charger - Hohm Tech


USB Powered

Compatible with: 10340 to 18650, 18700, 20650, 20700, 21700, 22500 to 26500, 26650 Li-ion batteries.

  • BLD System: Yes, 62mm
  • PCB/PCM Compatible: YES
  • 0V Activation: Enabled @ 0.5V
  • USB Input Power Regulator: Automated
  • Charge Rate: 2A total (0.5A | 1A per slot)
  • Battery Size Compatibility: ALL up to 71mm (School 2)  / All up to 73mm (School 4)
  • Compatible Chemistry: Li-ion (3.6V / 3.7V)
The world spoke, we listened and took action. After 11 month of R&D on the operations and features…we present Hohm SCHOOL2A. What is the 2A? It’s two things: 2 x bays & 2 x amp (2A combined output capability). There is no need for a screen on this charger. It is 100% autonomous. It is equipped with our BLD1 System, which automates the step-up/down output so both small and larger cells charge at the proper rate. Even li-ion batteries with or without PCB/PCM3 are easily balanced to the correct voltage. This ensures today’s small li-ion batteries chemistry integrity is not compromised, allowing them to get the cycle life they deserve.

Applying more forward-thinking towards safety & performance, we integrated input voltage regulation. This is safety 101 here. This allows the charger to not stress or damage USB adapters no matter the power supplying device. The fact is simple: today’s li-ion batteries need precise voltage and amperage delivery to ensure long reliable performance & life…Say hello to Hohm SCHOOL2A, the smarter charger.

Equipped with:
  • BLD1 System – Automates charge amplification & reduction on li-ion cells
  • 0V2 Activation – among lowest Volt Recognition points ever to ensure low charge cells get back to where they ought to be (4.2V)
  • Input-Power Autonomous Regulator integration (no more stressing USB power adapters or ports)
  • Compatible with ALL li-ion cells from as short as 30mm to as long as 71mm
  • LED indicator that reports color and blink variation for quick/easy readout
  • PCB/PCM3 compatible so even protected cells aren’t left out in the cold
  • Protection 101: A] over charge; B] short-circuit; C] wrong battery type detection; D] reverse polarity
Every Hohm Tech product is tested and certified by the rightful authorities/laboratories and accredited entities to achieve Compliance & Certification of: CE, ROHS, FCC, Air/Sea Transport, and is backed by Industry Leading PLI. We do not cut corners. We deliver what we promise… chart topping performance, capacity, consistency, and safety.
  1. Battery Length Detection
  2. Volt Recognition @ 1.95V
  3. Protection Circuit Board/Module
WARNING: Know your battery & charger warning & safety information
Consult a certified lithium ion specialist or certified battery pack assembler if there are any uncertainties or questions on the use of, handling of, installation of, charging of, or storage of lithium ion batteries. Consumer safety is of utmost importance.

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