6 Simple Steps to Set Up Your E-Cig Starter Kit

How to set up your electronic cigarette in 6 Simple Steps...



Hey there! Welcome to vaping! So, you just got a new e-cig starter kit, but you have absolutely no idea how to set it up. That's ok. I'm gonna walk you through it right now and get you up and vaping in no time! First, you're going to want to make sure that you have all of the pieces that came with your e-cig starter kit. This walkthrough is going to focus mainly on the traditional EGO style e-cig starter kits, which are by far the most common. We'll talk about APV's like the VAMO in a future post, so dont worry.

These should be:

  1. Your EGO Battery
  2. A clearomizer tank
  3. "Coils" or "Wicks" for your tank
  4. USB charge cable
  5. Some delicious e-liquid

Got that stuff? Good. The first thing you're going to want to do is charge your battery using the USB charger that came with your electronic cigarette starter kit. If you've already done this, then you're ready to go!


1.) Open Your Clearomizer Tank

The first thing you're going to want to do is open your clearomizer tank. Clearomizer tanks typically come in 2 configurations, top coil, and bottom coil. The difference is that with a top coil, you'll typically open and fill them from the top. You can tell that you have a top coil clearomizer if you see wicks hanging from near the top of your device. A bottom coil clearo will open, and be filled from the bottom of the device. The wicks/coil are typically screwed into the bottom cap and look kind of like a metal post with two little stubs of fabric at their base.

Once you've identified which type of clearomizer you have, its time to open that sucker up! Unscrew either the top or bottom cap based on whether or not you have a top or bottom coil and grab your handy dandy bottle of e-liquid (or "e-juice") and open it. You're not ready to fill yet, but have it handy. 


2.) Prime Your Coil

If you have a top coil "clearo", put 1 drop of e-liquid on the coil. The coil is the part of your e-cig's tank which we described above. Its called a coil because it is actually thin wire which wraps around your wick and heats up when you activate the battery. If you have a top coil clearo and you've already primed it with 1 drop of e-liquid, move on to step 3. If you have a bottom coil clearomizer, or "BCC" you're going to want to prime the well where you see the two tiny pieces of wicking sticking through, we like to think of it as creating a moat around the base of your coil with e-liquid.


3.) Fill Your Clearomizer Tank

Filling your clearo is easy-peasy. Put the dropper top into the tank, along the side, and squeeze the e-cig liquid from the bottle slowly and evenly around the tank making a circular motion with your hand (as if it were going around a racetrack inside of your e-cig tank). Make sure to avoid getting any liquid down the center post! This is very important because if you do you'll either end up with it in your mouth (YUCK!), or you'll wind up with it all over your battery. Liquid + Batteries is not something i'd recommend.

Be careful not to over-fill your tank! On most top-coil clearomizers there are fill lines like the beakers from 11th grade chemistry class. Don't fill past the top line. If there are no fill lines, dont fill past the bottom of where your wicks come out of the center post as a rule of thumb. If you have a bottom coil clearo, knowing when to stop filling is just as easy! When you're filling a bottom coil clearomizer don't fill it so far that the juice spills down the center post! That would be bad. Dont do that. a couple millimeters below that post is perfect.

Now that your tank is filled, its time to screw the top or bottom cap back on. Be careful to not turn into The Hulk when you do this, ok Dr. Banner? Over-tightening the cap will only lead to heartache and make Hulk sad. Tighten it until it's snug, and no further. Boom! Done! Next step!


4.) Turn on your EGO Battery

Turning on your EGO battery, such as the SMOK Winder, is easy. Simply press the button 5 times fast and you should see the light flash. If you press the button again and it lights up, you've turned your battery on! If you press it again and it doesnt light up, it was already on haha! But seriously, you just turned it off — press the button 5 times fast again to turn it back on! Great success! 


5.) Screw Your Tank Onto Your Battery

Now its time for the moment of truth... Its time to screw your e-cig's clearomizer tank into the battery. When you screw it on, you should make sure not to over-tighten it. You're not tightening lug nuts, infact screwing the e-cig tank onto the battery requires almost no torque at all (torque = rotational force). Finger tight is enough, once there is a little bit of resistance when you're turning it, you're done! Over-tightening your tank onto your battery can damage the tank, and the battery's positive post which will result in your e-cig ceasing to function! Don't do it. Play it on the safe side and save yourself potential headache by making sure you wear gentle gloves when putting your tank on. We know you're buff, but take it easy on the tanks & batteries.


6.) Vape Away!

Once your electronic cigarette clearomizer has been attached to your battery, all thats left for you to do is vape! Go ahead and put the "drip tip" of your clearo to your lips, press the button on your EGO style battery and inhale! You're vaping! Look at you, you're practically a nuclear engineer, or one of those computer guys who made Instagram now, only better looking!


The method we use to vape is different from the method we used to smoke nasty tobacco cigarettes. Instead of taking all of the vapor directly into our lungs or the back of our throat. Vapers will typically bring the vapor into their mouth first, filling it, then inhale once they've filled their mouths and throats completely. When you watch someone vape, it almost looks like they're drinking a milkshake; very similar, except you're inhaling when your mouth is full instead of drinking a delicious dessert beverage. This is called a mouth inhale. Some people also lung inhale e-cig vapor but if you're switching from smoking, this will be a little weird to do with vapor right away. So, we usually recommend the mouth inhale, but everyone's different so what we recommend over all is that you do what is most comfortable to you! Congrats, and we hope you love your new e-cig kit!


Let us know how this tutorial worked out for you in the comments!