The Best E-Juice

We create artisan e-liquids using methods that are unmatched in our industry in terms of quality, and attention to detail. All of our flavors are complex, sophisticated, and delicious. We sweat the minutae in order to ensure that every flavor is perfect, and pre-steep our liquids before selling them to you to make sure that they taste their very best right "out of the box". Our Reserve line of e-liquids goes through an Oak Barrel Aging process which infuses a smooth oaky flavor and blends all of the rest of the flavors together to create something truly exquisite.

The Best E-Cig Devices

We only carry devices that we have personally verified the quality of. From variable voltage, entry level electronic cigarette devices; to fully mechanical mods, which are advanced electronic cigarettes; we have it all. Buy electronic cigarettes online or in person from our Steam Co vapor shop in Orange, CT. We have e-cig starter kits for new vapers, as well as those more seasoned, and if you're new, you'll save 15% off of your first purchase with us.

The Best Vaping Service

Reliability, dependability, and prompt service from people who care. Thats what we strive to do. Our store was designed from the ground up using a customer-first approach. At The Steam Co, we know that most of the time, you dont have an hour to spend in the vapor shop, just to buy a bottle of e-liquid. Its not that we dont love gazing into your beautiful eyes for hours on end, we do. We just happen to think that other e-cig shops are doing it wrong when it comes to getting you in and out without the wait. Our staff is always dressed professionally, courteous, potentially speaks with an english accent, and has been trained extensively on all types of e-cigarette equipment in order to help you choose the right device for you and your vaping style. Come in and visit us! Experience the best e-cig store in Connecticut.

Hassle Free E-Liquid Delivery

Coming in to the store every time you need something as simple as a bottle of juice, or a new coil can be quite the hassle sometimes. As much as we miss seeing your attractive faces when you dont come in for a while, we know what its like, and we know that there are more important things to you. Thats why we make it simple to switch from smoking to vaping, and for it to stay that way. Come in, sign up for one of our Culture or Vitality plans, and we'll make sure you're always stocked up on everything you'll need. Then, its up to you to decide whether or not to come in when you miss us!