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Which E-Cig is Right For You?

A comprehensive guide to choosing the right electronic cigarette for your needs
SMOK Winder Stainless Steel Battery

EVOD 2 Starter Kit

This e-cig device is best for...

People who value small size with a bit of style and convenience from their e-cig. Each EVOD 2 Starter Kit comes with two batteries, a USB charger and two EVOD Clearomizer tanks.

The Kanger EVOD 2 Starter kit is a compact, beautifully designed e-cigarette perfect for vaping on the go. Replacement coils (wicks for delivering e-liquid to the heating element) are widely available and inexpensive, making this a cost-effective solution for newcomers who are looking to get into vaping.

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Winder Batteries

This e-cig device is best for...

Entry-level to low experience vapers who are less concerned about size, and style and more concerned with battery life and performance. Winder batteries are variable voltage batteries which allows you to tailor your experience to match your vaping needs. The Steam Co. carries a wide variety of colors of these batteries, as well as accessories and starter kits for these fantastic devices.

The e-cig batteries are 1300mah which means that they have absolutely superb battery life, double that of the EVOD 2 Starter Kit. If you’re looking for a staple device with battery life that will last you all day, the SMOK Winder is the device for you.

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Regulated Mods

These e-cig devices are best for...

More advanced vapers, or those who are looking to take the next step up in flavor and vapor production from the ego style devices. The Steam Co. offers a variety of regulated, variable wattage mods from high-quality manufacturers such as Innokin, Vision, and more.

Many advanced vaping mods allow you the ability to choose from standard clearomizers or advanced atomizers, such as the Kayfun or a dripping atomizer. These atomizers allow you to customize your vaping experience even further and often produce more vapor and flavor than traditional clearomizers.

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Mechanical Mods

These e-cig devices are best for...

Highly experienced vapers who are looking for granular control over the level of vapor and flavor that their electronic cigarette produces. Mechanical mods are designed for users who are not only willing to learn how to wrap their own coils, but also learn about maintaining safe battery drain. Mechanical mods are not regulated in any way, and offer no safety features. They deliver the raw power of the electronic cigarette battery directly to the atomizer.

Mechanical mod users are savvy vaping aficionados, or individuals who desire to learn about the various skills that one must attain in order to use this device safely. The effort you put into learning pays off in the quality of flavor and vapor produced by these incredible devices.

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Only The Finest E-Liquid

Our E-Juice is perfect for — You.

Our premium e-liquid is perfect for vapers new and old. Sitting at the crossroads between quality and cost-effective, there's flavors for everybody. At The Steam Company, we have spared no expense in crafting the finest e-liquid on the market today. Our entire line of flavored e-juice is the result of painstaking research, trial, error, and countless flipped desks. We only use pure, high-grade USP approved ingredients sourced from US Suppliers. Your safety is as important to us as your satisfaction.

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