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Vitality is our nicotine reduction plan. If you’re trying to gradually move to zero nicotine, this is the monthly e-liquid delivery plan for you.

With our Culture plans, we’ll send you everything you need in order to vape every month, at discount prices! We have a few plans to choose from.


Delivery Plans

Embrace Culture. Get monthly e-liquid delivery.

We started this company with a simple philosophy; vaping should be hassle free. Our Culture monthly e-liquid delivery program is us fulfilling that promise to you. Swing by our vapor store, or sign up online to receive discounted e-liquid and coils in your mailbox every month, automatically.

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Delivery Plans

Eliminate Tar. Gain Vitality!

This is your chance to switch from smoking to vaping and save huge money in the process. You can vape for a month with what it costs to smoke for 3 days (in some places). Vaping will give you the same satisfaction as a cigarette with a better taste, smell, and over 4,000 fewer chemicals. Sign up and gain Vitality.

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How does this all work?

We promise to keep your ejuice supply topped up. This is how we do it.

What the heck is ejuice?

Our monthly fulfillment plans couldn't be simpler. Select one of our great plans, pay one low monthly fee, and we send e-liquid and coils right to your door. Stop worrying about your ejuice supply running low. No more figuring out how many days it will take for your ejuice or coils to arrive, and definitely end the days of you driving out of your way to pick some up. All it takes is you picking a plan, telling us what juice you want, and entering your credit card info so that we can bill you monthly. After that, we'll ship you all the delicious ejuice you'll need, every single month. See, told you it was simple.

Step 1: Pick your plan.

Depending on what monthly e-liquid delivery plan you select, we'll give you a free e-cigarette starter kit and some delicious e-juice. We have 2 programs to choose from. Pick the plan that fits you best and vape away.

Step 2: Pick your e-juice.

Pick two of our amazingly delicious flavors, and receive two 30ml bottles of those every month for as long as you'd like. Switching flavors is only a phone call away. If you want additional bottles, we offer e-liquid a la carte as well!

Step 3: Happy vaping!

Once your payment has gone through, we'll put you on our shipping schedule and we'll start sending your e-liquid out on the very next ship date. Think of us as your, highly attractive, personal vaping assistants!